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Let’s be honest. The traditional English courses don’t work.

People spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars trying to learn English. The results? Sadly, most of them can’t speak English. This creates a lot of frustration. As a teacher, I’ve seen that in hundreds of students.

There is a simple explanation for this situation: It’s not you, it’s the method you’re using.

Traditional English learning systems are mainly focused on boring exercises, memorizing useless grammar rules and passing exams. This approach doesn’t help you at all to speakand get a natural intuition of how to use the language.

Instead of analyzing the language, you definitely need a method that helps you to “feel” the language, like natives do.

I applied the best and proven techniques to create Speak English Now method. Now, thousands of satisfied students speak English fluently!

Let me help you to speak English once and for all.

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Meet your English Teacher


Hi! I’m Georgiana, founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com.

And this is what I do: I help people to speak English. I emphasize the word speak because I believe that you don’t really know a language until you can speak it,

In fact, I am also a language learner, like you. I’m a polyglot, so I consider myself lucky because I’ve started learning foreign languages ever since I was a kid.

As you can expect when I was a child, I didn’t follow any of the traditional methods. I just didn’t find any interest in memorizing grammar rules or vocabulary lists. Learning a new language was always fun and easy! I listened and watched very simple content, especially when I started learning a new foreign language.

And knowing how hard it is for many people to learn English, I’ve decided to help people all around the world to speak English fluently without any grammar rules or textbooks.

And in less than six months students could speak fluently!

Though it was something that I knew from the beginning now, it was crystal clear to me. The reason my students had such a hard time learning the language was due to the method they were using.

So far I’ve helped millions of students to speak English fluently. So please let me show you the techniques you can use to improve your English. Get now for free my video course. You will also get free lessons from all my courses.

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“After some months using Georgiana’s method I have improved English fluency and pronunciation and, what’s more important, I feel more confident talking in English. I would recommend Georgiana without any hesitation.”


“With Georgiana’s method I have started speaking English from minute one. With her method you’ll practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Thank you Georgiana!”


“Georgiana helped me to prepare my job interview as a scientific researcher in London and right away, I got a great job. Her method made me more self-confident with my English and my communication skills, so I recommend her courses to everybody!”

Beatriz Luxan

“Over the years I’ve been grateful to have found this course. I found it excellent to learn in “context”. It’s true that grammar is important but her method is more convenient, safe, effective and the most important thing is that you don’t get bored with time. On the contrary, it becomes more interesting every day. ” Nicolás 

Where can you listen to the Speak English Now Podcast?

The Speak English Now Podcast helps you improve your listening and speaking skills! The show is recorded in English with high quality audio and clear pronunciation.

You will learn about the American culture and the language itself. You will also improve your English with short stories (mini-stories and point of view). Also, there is transcript in pdf format for each episode.

Start practicing your English with Georgiana’s podcast here on the Speak English Now official website, or click to subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and much more.

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