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Hi everyone! I’m Georgiana; founder of SpeakEnglishPodcast.com. My mission is to help YOU speak English fluently.

In this episode:

  • I’m going to give you seven ideas you can use when you perform repeated listening.
  • After that, I’m going to read a Point Of View story. It’ an excellent technique for improving your grammar.

Ok, let’s get started with this new episode!

As you may know, I always encourage students to listen on a daily basis. Listening is the best way to deeply learn the different sounds, words, and expressions you find in English. It’s how we learn our mother tongue.

Also, it’s vital to understand that listening to an audio several times helps you consolidate what you learn.

However, many students complain that they get bored. It’s normal. Our brain likes new and fresh content. In other words, we like the novelty.

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