“I barely had time to prepare for an interview in English, I had a rather poor level of English. I got in touch with Georgiana and she helped me prepare for the job interview and thanks to that I got the job. Georgiana is a very efficient and problem-solving teacher, the classes were centered on the topic to be dealt with and with excellent results. Thank you!!”

María Pérez, Granada

“Georgiana has managed to reach the mind of anyone who wants to learn this important and necessary language. I am grateful to have found her courses. I found it excellent to learn through “context” as she teaches. It’s true that grammar is important but this method is more comfortable, safe, effective and the most important thing is that you don’t get bored with time. On the contrary, it becomes interesting every day. So go ahead!!!! I encourage you to do it and then tell us. And I say “tell us about it” because once you join the Speak English Now study group there is no distance between countries, nor languages that take us away from this common goal.”

Nicolás Guillen, Buenos Aires

“Georgina is an excellent teacher, who adapts to your needs and level of English. With her, I have lost the fear of speaking English and having realistic goals for my learning. In this way, I have eliminated my frustration and started to enjoy this language. It also has a wide variety of didactic materials for the use of classes.”

Miriam Granda, Madrid

“Georgiana helped me to prepare my job interview as a scientific researcher in London and right away, I got a great job. Her Skype classes made me more self-confident with my English and my communication skills, so I recommend her courses to everybody!”

Beatriz de Luxán Delgado, Oviedo

“There are so many good things about my English teacher, whom I see on Skype twice a week and who magically makes me speak English for an hour. Georgiana has a clear mastery of the language as well as very good psychology, making the classes enjoyable and productive. My recommendation 100%.”

Miguel Angel, Madrid

“I didn’t like any of the methods that were used to study English and I didn’t find them easy to learn, much grammar, a lot of memorization, tests that only served to pass the exams, but not to learn English. Georgiana’s method has allowed me to learn with a positive attitude. She recommends the material that suits you best. I liked the experience because I have advanced much more than with conventional methods.”


Ignasi Claret, Barcelona

“He dado clases con Georgiana durante varios meses y la experiencia ha sido muy positiva. Gracias a sus clases he mejorado notablemente mi fluidez al hablar y mi comprensión oral, no sólo por el tiempo que pasábamos en clase en el que podía practicar con ella, sino también gracias al material que me proporcionaba para poder hacerlo el resto de días y que elegía basándose en mis intereses. Georgiana consiguió mantenerme conectada al idioma y aún lo sigue haciendo porque, aunque no damos clases actualmente, sigo practicando casi a diario siguiendo su método y sus recomendaciones. Muy recomendable si necesitas practicar para no oxidarte!!”

Raquel Nieto, Málaga

“Georgiana has been the push I needed to overcome the barrier of speaking. Like many, I had learned English in school with textbook exercises and little margin for listening and even less to practice conversation. I had an intermediate level in reading comprehension and writing but a very low level in oral expression, and Georgiana, in just a couple of months, has given me the motivation and resources necessary to improve my level of conversation to the point that it is no longer an impediment to accessing job offers where English is essential. I highly recommend this teacher, she quickly detects the student’s needs and adapts the classes to achieve the objectives. And besides, he is very involved in the classes and transmits joy from the first moment. Thank you Georgiana for your help!”


Txell, Barcelona

“Demanding, motivating, dynamic and effective. Carries out the classes according to the needs of each student. She uses a wide variety of resources, her teaching method and her classes are both enjoyable and effective.

Gabriel, Zaragoza

“Georgiana’s lessons are enjoyable, motivating and above all effective. I am very happy with her methodology and her classes which have helped me to improve my results and meet all my expectations.” Patricia

Patricia, Madrid

“I’ve been learning English with Georgiana for two months and I like it very much because her method is very effective. With her method and her classes I have started speaking English from minute one and this is exactly what I needed. With the traditional method you will practice grammar, grammar and grammar, but with Georgiana’s method you will practice listening and speaking and in my opinion this is the most important thing when you are learning a new language. Thank you Georgiana!”

Ricardo Cano, Cuenca

“This is the first time I have taken English classes online and the experience has been very positive. Georgiana is a great professional with a lot of patience and good humor that makes you feel comfortable doing the classes right away. She provides you with those resources that best suit your level and interests. Her method is a very practical and fun way to learn English, so I recommend it 100%.”

Puri, Barcelona

“Great professional and better person, if you are looking for someone to help you in this adventure of learning English, she is the right person, she will push you to take the next step, to progress day by day and you will see that you advance in pronunciation and listening. I recommend her as a friend.”

David Poto, Madrid

“I didn’t study English as a child. I contacted Georgiana at a time when I felt blocked. I had studied grammar and vocabulary but the overcrowded classes I attended and my shyness meant that I could not overcome speaking. Georgiana is a sensitive teacher, practices personalized teaching and has helped me lose my fear of speaking. The best part is that it has conveyed her enthusiasm  and helped me to have confidence in my abilities.”


Ana Moreno, Madrid

“It’s my first time using Skype lessons. And I like it very much. I’m student from Siberia. And I’m taking part in student exchange program, which is called work and travel. I needed to prepare for interview in a short time. Georgiana helped me very quickly and i got through an interview very well. So if you need help to prepare for an interview just contact her. Thank you so much!”

Antoshkina Ekaterina, Rusia

“Georgiana is a great teacher, who adapts to the needs of her students. She has a very dynamic character that facilitates class communication. She also has many resources that can be very useful.”

Laura, Barcelona

“I am very happy with Georgiana. In my case we work a lot on pronunciation and comprehension and she is teaching me many fundamental things to be able to progress in my English, also expanding my vocabulary in a simple and pleasant way. She is an excellent teacher, because apart from her extensive knowledge of the language and her methods, she is positive and motivating. She is so concerned about the quality of his teaching, looking for material adapted to each individual. She is responsible, creative, enjoyes what she does and she’s always eager to improve, and that is transmitted to his students. For me it is a pleasure to have her as a teacher, she gives me another vision of the language by learning it from a positive and diverse attitude and I have improved my English.”

Mónica López, Madrid

“Georgiana’s a professional teacher. She’s demanding but patient. Her classes and her materials are very entertaining and effective. Georgiana is a teacher with a great mastery of the language.”

Alejandro, Barcelona

“I was looking for a teacher to practice speaking and I found Georgiana. After some months with her I have improved my pronunciation and, what it is more important, I feel more confident talking in English. She is a very good teacher and she encourages me a lot. If someone asked me for a teacher to practice their speaking, I would recommend Georgiana without any hesitation.”

Mireia, Tarragona

“Georgiana is a wonderful teacher, demanding and resourceful. She knows how to motivate her students and her classes are at the same time very useful and pleasurable because they are focused on the particular needs of each student.”

Marta Ordoñez, Madrid

“My rating is based on my experience as a student of the last five years, always online. Georgiana is a native teacher with a great experience in the use of the net and her methodology is above all useful, practical and with constant results. I recommend you to give lessons with Georgiana, and learn English with a teacher from home.

Joan Ramos, Barcelona

“I studied English for several weeks with Georgiana and I am very satisfied. My biggest problem was listening and speaking. It was also the first time I was learning with this method and I think it’s the best way to learn English. I have been able to take advantage of three hours of classes each week in which I have learned much more than when I studied three hours of English per week in a language school where the teachers did not care about the students, did not motivate them, they just followed a boring book and nothing else. Georgiana, on the other hand, has been able to motivate me and adapt to my specific needs. I recommend this great teacher to anyone who wants to improve their English or want to learn it from the beginning.”

Cintia, Italia





“It has been a very good experience and taking English lessons online has been very comfortable and practical for me. In addition, the teacher is very flexible and adapts the class and all its resources to your needs.”

Gloria Rodriguez, Madrid

“She adapts to your needs and she’s very patient! The classes are great, I immediately began to notice that I improved the speaking, although for me the best thing is that each lesson is divided into listening, reading and speaking, so I think they are very complete. Plus even if it’s all in English, she understands your language in case you’re ever unable to express something is a great help! In short, I highly recommended her method!”

Itziar, Bilbao

“Georgiana is a teacher who makes it easy for you to study, constant and patient, at all times makes you get into the habit of speaking and thinking in English.”

Jordi, Barcelona

“Giorgiana es una profesora que te facilita el estudio, constante y paciente, en todo momento hace que cojas el hábito de hablar y pensar en Inglés.”

Juan, Guadalajara

“Georgiana has a great capacity to motivate the student in the learning process. The content of the classes is very practical and useful in everyday situations. I feel very comfortable in class but at the same time I notice that she’s demanding. I have taken 5 classes so far and I am very happy!”

María Vivar, Madrid

“I asked Georgiana to help me with my English, especially with speaking practice which I lacked badly. We had a pretty intensive course and I was 100% satisfied with my progress during this quite short period of time and at the end I felt much more confident in terms of verbal communication.

I was very impressed by Georgiana’s natural ability to learn languages, it seems to be so easy for her and she always has a lot of good advice to make it easier for you too. I also like her personally, she’s very open and always in a good mood.

At the same time she’s very professional – never comes to the lesson late even for a minute, doesn’t correct you a lot when you’re speaking but highlights major mistakes after you finish. On top of that Georgiana provided me a lot of information and advice so I could continue my studies on my own.
I strongly recommend Georgiana for those who feel necessity to improve their English level and get more confident and communicative.”

Anatoly Shuvalov, San Petersburgo

She knows how to adapt classes to the needs of each student and is a proactive teacher. This experience with Georgiana has been very rewarding. After the test class, she was able to detect my main problems and we were able to work to improve them. She uses a lot of resources in her classes, which makes them very interesting. I strongly recommend that you choose it to improve your English, you will not regret it.”

Josué, Barcelona

“Georgiana is a good teacher, nice and friendly who makes her classes very enjoyable.”

Amalia Ortiz, Bilbao

“Great English classes via Skype. Georgiana has unique and effective methodology of English teaching using different media resources.”

Maxim, San Petersburgo

“Georgiana understands the needs of her students very well. In my case, I was mainly interested in conversation classes, and we devoted practically the entire class to this. Corrections are necessary to avoid breaking the rhythm of the class. She emphasizes her empathy with the student and the search for topics that may be of interest.”

Cristina Mesa, Madrid

“I’m taking conversation classes with Georgiana and I think she’s a wonderful English teacher. Her conversation is lively and varied, very good pronunciation and fluency. She also uses and recommends materials that are very appropriate to the English level that you have and very effective too.”

Dolores Ajates, Madrid

“I have taken several one-to-one lessons of English with Georgiana to improve my speaking for a job interview and I am very satisfied. She is a teacher who gets involved with the student, has helped me with my pronunciation and to express things better in English. She’s creative and dynamic.”

Esther, Granada

“Georgiana is a pleasant, dynamic, patient and demanding teacher. Georgiana is a very nice teacher who teaches very dynamic classes. Uses motivating materials to work on the English language globally. These classes are very useful for learning English, especially to improve oral expression and pronunciation.

Clara, Barcelona

“Georgiana really enjoys what she does and knows how to motivate students. My experience in teaching makes me value this type of attitude very much, since it is neither normal nor easy to maintain over time. I can say that, for the first time in a long time, I’ve started to enjoy the experience of trying to improve my English.

Vicente, Valencia

She gets involved and makes sure you learn in a fun way, what more can you ask for?” Georgiana is a very good professional. She gets involved in the classes, adapts to your needs and makes sure that you improve little by little. She motivates you continuously to keep learning. Plus, it gives you very useful and varied material. 100% recommended.”

Ursula, Madrid

“Georgiana is teacher with a lot of empathy with the student and her classes are very pleasant. I’ve been learning with her for about 5 months and I’ve noticed a lot of improvement. The method is very pleasant and effective. Highly recommended.”

Alex Ortiz, Bilbao

“Georgiana is very pleasant, a great communicator. She is concerned about the objectives set and offers all kinds of help to improve. She is hardworking and demanding but at the same time she also knows how to relax when it is needed so as not to create blockages or unnecessary pressure that interferes with the objectives set. Everything in its proper measure.”

Oskar Gomez Rama, San Sebastian

“Georgiana has taught me English via skype and I have achieved excellent results with her. In addition to being a good professional she’s very involved in her work.”

Esther Sanchez, Málaga